Here at LM Farms™, a lot of people have asked us to keep them posted about what’s going on here at LM Farms™. (Well, actually it’s more like some people than a lot of people. But the internet can make you exaggerate a bit.)

It was our busiest year ever for our biscuits. The combination of their heartiness and freshness spoke to a lot of people and we had our baker’s ovens going nearly 24 hours a day to keep up.

When we’re not busy making product or spending time with our families and pets, we're often thinking about our own bountiful gardens. This spring we planted more than a few new varieties of vegetables. We love Johnny’s Seed catalog www.johnnyseeds.com . The fact that the company is owned by their employees means a lot to us. We also took some time to make some new discoveries. We love www.abesmarket.com – it’s an amazing source of natural, eco-friendly green products from small producers around the country.

Lastly, one of our friends in town had a baby, and we found a wonderful online toy store called Endeavour Toys www.endeavourtoys.com from which we were able to send a great gift.

We hope you're taking the opportunity to get out and enjoy the great outdoors.

We hope to hear from you soon.

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